Living on an offshore drilling island

The life on an offshore drilling island is very different from the life on land. People think that working on a drilling island is a bad job, but that is far from the truth. A lot of times, the job is well-paid and the job is challenging. Living on an offshore drilling island brings different aspects with it and those aspects can be read in this article.
Gas platform

Everyday occurences

The first benefit of living on an offshore is the adventure that it brings. Employees are being brought to an offshore platform with a helicopter, and before it is possible to work on an offshore platform, a few trainings are necessary. The schemes are totally different. The working week is 14 days, in which every day has 12 hours of work. After those 2 weeks, the employees have 2 weeks of leisure. So per year only 6 months of work. The amount of hours is very close to a normal job because of the long days of working. The work that is being done on the platform is very different, but you will work with a lot of international colleagues, which makes the job very pleasant. During and after work, there is good care for the employees with four daily meals and enough facilities on board to give the employees the feeling of freedom when they are not working. Think, for example, about the sport facilities, possibilities to relax to watch television and the use of saunas. There are even a few offshore platforms with sports fields like a basketball or football field.

Work hard, earn a lot

Enough to relax and when you are working, the care on the offshore platform can also be called good. The safety measures are very important and have to be respected at all times. Only the best equipment is being used and it is fun to work (and learn) from international colleagues. A disadvantage to working on an offshore platform is the weather conditions. These vary from the burning sun to weeks of bad weather. The shifts are long and it is expected that the shift of 12 hours will be worked without any kind of weakening or loss of concentration. Altogether the life on an offshore platform means that friendships are made for life and real men are made. Often the offshore employees are very attached once they started. It is also possible that after one time on the platform, the employee notices that working on the platform is too heavy mentally, or physically. The salary of the offshore employees: the life on the offshore platform is heavy and the work is hard, but the salary is fitting that situation. Normally the earnings are very good. This is something that attracts a lot of people to try the living and working on an offshore platform.